Engine/Torque multiplier addon

Hello bois.
been playing your server for a few days now, it have EVERYTHING I WANT! Feels like I just started playing gta for the first time again <3
Only thing I find missing is a “RPM multiplier/engine multipler” and a “torque multiplier” (separate things) which raising the engine effect in a realistic way per percentage,
in addition to the boost-function that you already have and the way handlingeditor works, this just increase the engine and torque strenght separately keeping the original carhandling (more realistic feeling in my opinion).
This makes it possible to both drift with any rear wheel car and make cars get stronger/faster if you want that.
I know you got drift handling preset already, but an alternative could be nice too to not have it so “slidey” all the time, but more realisticly that I have to use handbrake, time my entries into turns etc.
I think its a simple addon in vmenu, many servers have this incorporated as standard in vmenu.
Dont take my word for it tho, you know better than I do :slight_smile:
Also suggested earlier would be nice with some rimpacks for us carnuts, both stretched-tires and highens/sports/tuner rims :slight_smile: Much love, keep doing what you do my dudes!
Love, Lundish

F5 already has something similar to what you seek.

fDriveBiasFront determines if the vehicle is Front, rear or four wheel driven.
Low values = Rear (which is what you want)
High values = Front

fInitialDriveForce determines how much output from the transmission is given
0 = Not being able to drive
100 = Lots of spinning wheels

Fool around with F5 settings and see.

Well yes you are right, ypu can edit those numbers but they dont do it for me. The front/rear drive bias is just to change what wheel powers the car thats an easy one to change if you wanna drift front- and 4wd cars.
The Inertia sure changes the power in a way, but it just makes the car accelwrate fadter and that does not make it real as in increasing power in a nice way, just makes thw car redline and accelerating to top speed (abt 182mph) ingame and that feels so slow when the car accelerates so unnaturally fast and redlines all the time.
The RPM multiplier/engine power multiplier is diffrent in that matter that it gives you more power through the whole power curve, and you can both drift and keep going faster (it ignores ingame speedlimit) so you can actually feel like you go fast and accelerate as if the car actually is tuned to higher horsepower. Dunno if you have tried it but its very diffrent to what only the handling editor can achieve with easy-to-change values.
Hope you get what I mean, no offence to your tips but its not what im looking for woth the suggestion for addon :slight_smile:
Best regards, lundish

FiveM has been a totally different breed. There is so much to customize that I get lost in what does what. Dunno if anyone feels the same here.

I haven’t really experimented on other servers. But I see the drift scene is big. I’m for additional control over vehicles if it doesn’t already exist within the server.

I need to get intune with handling editor… lol.

Hey whooper, fun to see your interaction directly with the community :slight_smile:
To see an example, you can try out for example AutoMoto server on fivem, they have the torque/engine multiplier in their Vmenu. You can try it out and see what it does. You enable it, then set the percentage increase for engine power, and anpther slide for the torque. Engine power basicly gets you to be able to drive the car with a higher topspeed and power, the torque is the pulling force so you can do wheelies with rwd cars, do hillclimb in mountains etc.
I think as I said its a pretty easy thing to add in vmenu, would be really nice if you could look into it soon. The ha dling editor is pretty neat if you know what you are doing but in fivem it lacks alot of options and it can be pretty tricky to use to get the car faster/stronger in a more reslistic matter.
Rpm/engine multipliers is easy to use and as I said it makes the car seem faster in a realistic way with a natural powercurve instead of just red-lining through all gears and stopping to accelerate when hitting 182, kindof takes the thrill away from the cars in a way unfortunately i think.
The boost function is good in itself for its simplicity, but handling editor does mainly the same thing in that matter with the values available. I have used it slot earlier but its not that user friendly, so to speak.
Sure it could be a silly-funny thing to have if you just wanna go really fast straight forward and fly off a jump, but the multiplier-mods make the cars feel real and powerful in a better way.
I excuse myself if i get repetitive, english is not my first language but i hope you understand how I mean.
Best regards, Lundishhh

I’m just a server admin not a developer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Appreciate breaking down the information though.

It was disabled as we had no way of preventing people from using it in races & other minigames in the past; however we do have a way now, so it will be re-enabled after the next server restart.