Dogfighting DM zones. :)

So basically unless I was thinking that an area around the Aircraft Carrier could be used as an Auto DM area when you fly into it. If you fly out of it or leave the area for maybe a certain time like 10 seconds the aircraft should be despawned like when your joining a DM area. obviously all aircraft would be allowed to be used in the area and all DM vehicles though with only the aicraft carrier as land you’d not have much space to use other non aircraft vehicles.

This Idea comes from not only my love of them but also from my time on the server seeing how many others are Flying about in a lot of our addon aircraft too.

Id also like to put forward the idea of having a pilot as a job. Each job maybe specific to an aircraft type like Small prop aircraft could be for drug running like flying checkpoints into sandy shores. you could have a mil pilot that maybe has AI aircraft that you have to take down if thats possible. You could have commercial pilots that have to ferry passengers maybe around the map through checkpoints and then back to LSA. You could also have Helicopter Pilots for doing tours of the cities or something flying through checkpoints.

I doubt you’d allow it but maybe as you advance you unlock special Addon aircraft but I dunno.

thank for listen,
Maj Sunray.


I like the idea of having a zone somewheres on the map to dogfight. Not sure how well that would go around the carrier though since there is races located in that area. Or disable damage to players from planes in a race.

Can the carrier be spawned out there by Paleto Bay? I wonder if it is counted as an object or multiple objects like in SA. If it’s one object, then I guess it could be created in an in game map editor real quick? Or just no carrier at all and can just be an air combat zone.

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Air based DMs sounds good to me.

I like the idea of having an “all out” DM map eventually with ground and air vehicles, but having seperate air and land ones as well works for me.

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To be honest i don’t see the issue with it being out by the carrier you have the massive drag race close by but thats it and by the time the cars get to that point they will be going super fast anyways and the distance missile lock and the distance of the cannons i think wouldn’t make that an issue

A dogfighting DM will soon be added but no current ETA.
The pilot jobs and drug running etc are also being discussed internally if it’s feasible, but no promises

Dogfighting DM has been added – /dogfight