Dissociate saved game vehicles and addon vehicles & maybe other jobs?

Hewwo ! :wave:

I wanna share 2 type of suggestions for the server :

1/ Eventually dissociate base game vehicles and addon vehicle in saved vehicles


2/ Maybe add new jobs like :

  • Taxi : we can have a taxi job like in GTA 3 or SA etc …
    take pnjs with or without timer, and with requests like drive faster or slower

  • Tow truck : obviously breakdown and recovery services for vehicles ^^

  • Car thief : almost like Simeon missions, you need to find a vehicle in a pre defined zone, steal it,
    maybe repaint it ? and bring it back to different LS garage or to Simeon’s car dealership or
    to the docks … ?

  • Another jobs if you have other ideas feel free to complete my post !


Maybe plane or helicopter transport or parachute landing mission, where we have to centre objective when landing

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UP !

I had another idea about the vehicles system, instead of dissociate add on and base game vehicle in saved vehicles, maybe we could do our personnal files to store our saved vehicles