CURL error code 28

1. Detailed explanation of the problem:
Hello, since one week now i can’t connect to the serv, its tell me this "obtaining configuration from server failed? error stade : failed to connect to ip server. CURL errore code 28 (timeout was reached)
2. Time and date when you encountered the problem:
Well since one week now (the 18th), i have already uninstalled five m 2 times but changes nothing
3. Screenshots/video (if possible): no need to screen, its just tell me “deferring connexion” or “connection to the server” then the curl error code 28 appear…

If anyone got an idea, could be cool! thx

Your connection is sending invalid packet data and is being caught by the DDoS protection. There’s nothing we can do about it. If you are on a mobile connection or Wi-Fi try to use a wired connection, or as a last resort, try using a VPN.

Well, i already use a wired connection… I’m gonna try to use a VPN! It feels so weird that the only serv who isnt working is Impulse :roll_eyes: thx btw !