Complete list of my suggested cars

saw a couple of people put more than 3 in their post so that’s why i’m putting all of them here. YES the majority are muscle cars. Many of the cars i listed below are really iconic muscle cars and I don’t think there is any reason not to add them given how many JDM cars are on the server. Same thing with bmws there’s like 12 diff bmw’s on the server yet we are missing many important cars. A lot of the muscle cars on the server right now have problems like liveries you cant remove or just lack of customizability. Pretty much all of the stuff i listed below would fix that. ALSO if for some reason these don’t get added AT LEAST add the wheel pack below. There are barley any custom wheels that fit the look of a muscle car but the wheel pack i listed would allow a ton of customizability and would just make your cars more unique overall. (BTW these are addons i suggested over the past month)