Cheating in races

1. Player UID: 1363647
2. Player name: Brown Bear
3. Time and date of incident:
4. Description of incident: Brown Bear has been setting a lot of race records by cheating. He has beaten records by 8 seconds which is impossible (on a 30 second track)
5. Proof (preferably screenshots/video): I don’t have any proof for this unfortunately

Can you at least tell us which races and vehicle classes you suspect he cheated on?

Car: Mitsubichi drag evo 9
Race: Vespucci Loop
Time: 24.771

The best lap i did was 31.555 and i’m a pro racer

Its impossible to get 6.7 sec faster

A lot of the newer records are set with a combination of higher FPS, presets not resetting on racejoin and some vstancer stuff.

We have had some discussions about this, and felt that there are a number of factors that players either are not aware of, or simply cannot achieve (high FPS) which potentially makes race records unfair. In light of this, we have decided to fix some bugs that allowed for presets to carry across into races, disable vstancer and also put a cap on the highest FPS you can have if you want to set a race record. We hope with all of these steps taken, race records will be fairer and more achieveable for a larger percentage of the playerbase.

This will render all current records invalidated, but they’ll still count for race wins, race distance etc