Can we please have the ability to change the time of day

Night time just feels awful for a majority of things personally. I can’t race because I can’t see and I can’t just mod a vehicle anywhere because it is too dark.
Can we please just have the option to pick what time of day we have for our screen or even just a time freeze option. I just want to always be in the sun so I have full freedom without having to deal with the annoyance of waiting 20 minutes just do to what I want to do.


Quoting exotic:

The time/weather thing isn’t really possible at the moment and would require a complete rewrite of the underlying systems. It may get added in the future but it’s not on the roadmap for now.

looking forward to adding this feature because allot of players are also complaining about the rain. you can maybe add a command like /weather or /rain so people could play without rain. it also causes some fps drop on some players including me that i have a pc worth 800 euros.