Bug in No Collision Zones

Although collisions are supposed to be disabled in these areas, you can still see players colliding against each other’s cars and even against parked cars, which defeats the purpose of a no collision area. None of these players actually see themselves colliding on their screens, but everyone else sees it. Here’s a video to illustrate what i mean.

My guess is that this is happening because collisions are only being disabled between the client’s vehicle/character and other entities (vehicles/players) around. That’s neglecting an important step which is be to disable collisions between all the other entities present in the area against each other.

Here’s another video that shows how this affects empty vehicles.
That is happening because although i didn’t collide against that car, but from the perspective of everyone else within stream range i did, which caused the car to move, so the server updated the state of the car back to me, hence i see it moving too. This effect doesn’t happen in a solo /party, for obvious reasons.

There’s room for improvement in this system, but on top of that, I honestly think the whole situation regarding collisions should be reviewed. People constantly abuse it to harass other players. It’s an everlasting problem. The implementation of a “passive mode” like ability to disable collisions, which has been suggested many times, would definitely improve the quality of life in the server.

its just a visual bug, no collisions happening

It’s not just visual, i linked to videos showing the consequences of it in the world. The collisions cause empty vehicles to get physically rammed away. That is not merely visual, the car actually moves and causes all sorts of desync.

Another consequence of it is that people actually abuse this to cause mayhem in car meets. You literally cannot exit your car or else someone will be able to ram it away, which defeats the purpose of a safe zone meant for car meets.

It’s also a problem even for occupied vehicles, as you can see in the first video. The collisions cause everyone’s positions to get scuffed and misaligned in different ways for different players which ruins any possibility of taking good pictures or getting nice clips. The video makes it pretty obvious that such chaos is not a good experience, even if it was merely a “visual bug”, it looks terrible and should be fixed. I know it can be fixed because it works just fine in other servers.