Banned while offline

Ban ID: 66b80edd-c3f5-4ee4-a5bf-91213e3d68ff

a week ago I was playing driving around with some cars and drifting and draging i got bord and got off i just went to get on today an i have ben baned and have know idea why all i was using was the vmenu torque multipliers and the drift Tunes preset on the server

You got banned for reaching 600 km/h in an Injection dune buggy at //seadrag.

The vMenu torque and power multipliers get automatically disabled in a race.

You did not apply any drift preset or even open the handling editor while in this vehicle (nor would that even matter as again, you cannot join a race with a handling modified vehicle).

The only logical explanation is that you used an external cheat to do so. If you don’t have a better explanation you’ll just have to wait out your ban.

ok I honestly don’t have any external software if you want I can show you by sharing my screen on Discord to prove it if you would like but if not then its ok thank you fore telling me why i got banned

Since you’re being very polite and it’s been 4 days already, I’ll lift your ban now. If it happens again it’ll be double the length though.