Banned for no reason

Ban ID: fc14054e-0268-42fa-9983-4e7469a72bde

I dont know why i got banned, i was doing trucking cargos when i got banned. I never used any type of mods in this server, so pls tell me why and unban me please. I hope I99 Admins could unban me. In game my name is [Blacks]Gab27 , in discord my name is GabSav27 please contact me if necessary. I got banned 04 April 2021 at 22.24 europe time

Says here that you finished a trucking delivery of over 3 km in just 10 seconds. Got a good explanation for this?

Yeah after that i got banned, i did never use any mods so that teleport looked very strange. Idk how that was possible, i have no mods installed or trainers or things like that. I was with a friend doing trucking and suddently got teleported to near airport truck Company “Bilgeco”. Idk how that was possible and idk what to say more, i hope you all can understand

I’ll unban you this time and give you the benefit of the doubt

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