Banned for no apparent reason

Ban ID: 70e6e66d-96a9-4b9e-ae65-a8c7b3f74846

I was trying to stop griefers from killing everyone in RP parties with a fast toreador using F5 editor and got kicked + banned while trying to flee from a deluxo griefer for no apparent reason.

It appears our anticheat banned you due to some erroneous false positive, you’ve been unbanned

Since you’ve been banned again, I’ll just reply here. Unless you have a legitimate explanation for your vehicle HP reaching 800,000 (normal max is 1000) after being blown up by a missile strike, you are 100% cheating, and will thus have to wait out your ban.

The exact reason is that I was bored to always get destroyed by oppressors and do avoid that I used an arena dominator (that can handle an explosion) and used F5 Handling editor with -100 vehicle damage to get a more or less indestructible car, but this relies fully on F5 menu so for me, it wasn’t prohibited since the owner of the party just has to disable handling editor for it to go away.

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Since I was just using the provided handling editor, it is more of a glitch that a cheat and I thought I couldn’t get problems from that because disabling handling editor is a simple option in party settings.

Since you actually gave a reasonable explanation that seems to work, I’ll unban you now. As this involves loading a preset to get values that are typically not allowed, please don’t abuse this bug again. The loading of out-of-bounds values will soon be fixed.

Thank you, now that I know that it is the reason I shall never use that preset again. Sorry for the disturbance I generated.