1. 880954:
2. Idk it’s in chinese or sum:
3. around 20:30 my time:
4. the person is just intentionally crashing into me/being annoying so I can’t ever cook meth (in the server):
5. Proof (Desktop 2022.06.07 - this is a short clip, later after that he disappeared somewhere but he was doing it for quite some time, also reported him in the server as well like 2-3 times.):

He won’t get banned for this, you can just get another spot where you can cook meth.

he was following me around and constantly crashing into me for like 40-60 minutes

its sad but most of the times these guys dont get punished

When it comes to FiveM server’s you’ll encounter people like this occasionally. I’ve experienced something similar to your report and I had someone follow me around the map intentionally ramming me for a good hour, however I did not let it get to me and I continued to roam around letting them get the satisfaction of following me. They did not gain anything from this apart from being annoying. My advise would be to teleport away from them using the menu, or you could press F2 and travel away from them. I mean there’s many ways to avoid people like this and most of the time these are just isolated incidents where it just happens once. Situations like this are useful to keep a record of for future references, but personally I don’t see it appropriate to take any action in this case. Many people do this especially in a server that is freeroam.