An a ban appeal

Ban ID: 824d74d1-38d7-45cc-84df-782754efbcad

I am now willing to do anything it takes to get back impulse99 even if it may be impossible.

I made my first fivem friends in impulse, the community welcomed me, i got friends and good memories and i really wish i didnt say the n-word. i gotta admit i had bad times back then even tho its not a reason to say n-word but back then i had anger issues and i was depressed and sad. I’ve changed a lot. Been in a therapy to help with my problems and i could say i wasnt the normal me when doing that shit, im crying literally and i understand that its maybe impossible to me to gent back to i99 and gonna do everything i can. Apologies.

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You’ve made many appeals before that all concluded the same way. You had plenty of opportunities to understand that what you were doing wasn’t acceptable and you couldn’t see it until it was too late.

Third bans are permanent.

I hope this helps you control your anger on your future endeavors.