Addon Car Requests

These cars would be cool and useful for the people that like to spend hours cruising around like me and many others. These cars can be used in shows, meets, races, drift events, and to overall add more selection of older cars to the game.

ER34- an R34 Sedan

Silvia s14 Zenki


300zx z32

Laurel C33

Silvia S13 Onevia

Nissan Skyline 2000gt

ND Mx-5


FB rx7

NB2 Mx-5

Datsun 510

1980 Honda Prelude

74 Toyota Celica Gt

95 Mr-2

86 Mr-2

S13 SilEighty

I would love a Skyline C210 or C211 but I couldn’t find any mods for it

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there is an ER34 mod that has liveries and stuff, basically the same car with more options, ill try to find it

Nissan Skyline ER34
S14 Nismo 270R
S14 Zenki
MX-5 Pandem soon
RX-7 '84
Celica GT TA22 soon

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