Add a list command with helpful tips

I understand that there are tips in the chat every 10-15 minutes, sometimes people miss the tips and it would be easier if you could just insert a command like /tipslist that will display a window with all the popular things that people have trouble with on the server. It would be more organized and it can explain to the player how they can do certain actions with the commands or how to get there(by using the commands)… instead of having to explain it to them in chat… otherwise only if they need to ask something admins or players who know can explain something, i feel like that will lessen the load when Admins or mods arent on the server to help as well.

There are already like 20-30 different keywords (based on most common questions) that, when written in chat, trigger a pop up subtitle explaining how to do something, it’s just that they’re not documented. For example, “how to get guns”


my brother when you join the server you should read the window that pops up with the windows above you and dont skip them. thats why people are in chat saying “how can i spawn a car?”. maybe you should read the windows on the top of the screen when you join :wink:

I get that, ye some people skip it, its just an idea… for lazy people…

Ye, i noticed that, makes sense and its good… just an idea anyway… /tipslist could be used as a last resort page for every single tip there is in game… just another way to stay organized. By all means do what you think is good…

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