A guy Saying some insultant things

1. Player UID:1363647
2. Player name: Brown Bear
3. Time and date of incident: 30/06/22 at 18H40 / 18H50 (paris hours and date)
4. Description of incident: Thiis guy say french are gay, turks are gay, my mom and dad are refugees from syria, says shit and joke about syrian war.
5. Proof (preferably screenshots/video):

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Hey Eyyub,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. While behavior like this is never accepted and we’ll keep our eye out on Brown Bear, we don’t take action when it comes to private messages as we can’t monitor them. I would advise you to /ignoredm 1363647, and if he continues in main chat, action will be taken.

We definitely don’t appreciate seeing this influx of troublesome behavior from Brown Bear, so he should consider this a final warning.