A Few Sugg


1- are you going to implement a group system?
1.1- Create zones so that groups (if created) can conquer them (group wars) and thus get group points
2- are yougoing to implement individual punctuation and punctuation group (pvp)?
3- are u going to implement a Local chat system (If it is possible that the chat is seen over the character better so that you do not always have to look at the global chat and know better who is speaking).
4- are you going to implement a section of events in discord?
5- are you going to implement 1vs1 // 2vs2 Duels?
6- Letting only one car out, and making it not disappear, is a hindrance always having to remove the car every time you get off.
7- Add a friendlist system to know when they are connected to the server
8- add plane stunts races*
9- There are lot of npc (cars) u should reduce it 50%


1- Its a good idea create a twitter or something to create events there, u can get more people and make known server.
2- It would be nice if there are more leisure places like discos, bars where you can talk relaxed and having fun with friends.(implement drugs and alcohol)
3- better emote system :clap:
4- add Impulse Radio at disco and houses

Thx for all, u are doing a great job in this server :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
And sorry for my english,its too bad :confused:


1 - Group system is a thing being discussed, gang wars on the other hand won’t be a thing.
2 - can you explain what that is
3 - text above the player? if so then no (performance reasons)
4 - very likely
5 - yes
6 - I have something in mind for this
7 - could be a part of group system
8 - if you have ideas for races like plane, deluxo or parkour races, suggest pls
9 - idk many people have different opinions

1 - we have discord for that
2 - do you have any more elaborate ideas
3 - it’s on the to do list
4 - it’s on the to do list