360 and Reverse Drifting

I’m not completely sure if this is possible but my honest opinion would be that spin out perk should be removed from the drift system so we could not lose drift points while doing 360 or reverse entry, moreover it would be even more cool if we could somehow get bonus points for successfully controlling a 360 or something like that.

Spinning out should only occur in case the car happens to be completely stationary or if it collides into an object.

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I agree with this, since the drift event was inserted, I didn’t like the idea of spinning out. I would like ‘‘360’’ move to be an option for a higher score. I would also like the staff team to take look at old suggestions for drift maps, such as Akina and Ebisu Minami. These maps that we have are good but I would like you to add the suggested ones.


Ye same here it would be so much better if i could throw a 360 and get like 5k points or something id say just remove spin out it would make the drift challenges more fun for everyone one

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ye would be nice expecially since i keep spinning out when trying to drift lol