3 rude kids

**1. 478253 , 939024 and 882737
**2. slowa , wahbi khazri and dorit
**3. 6/12 around 5 am
**4. they been in pvp party and everytime i killed them they start family insult me n talking shit to me and the one with name wahbi sayin n word to me on vc too much and they said we going to report u cuz ur cheater
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there is not enough evidence to get any of them banned

A player report doesn’t need to always end in a ban. Even just bringing the logs to light and sharing some of the harassment is always good so we can keep an eye out for troublemakers. As you’ve shown me from past interactions, you also sometimes have a tendency to devolve to foul language, so you may be providing only half of the story. That being said, you have directly messaged me about this topic and I gave you the following advice; /ignoredm and /voice any person who is harassing you. If they continue their behavior in main chat action will be taken against them.

We never take action in things pertaining to DMs because we cannot access/read them.

I would love it if @slowa could chime in and give me his context for this situation, before we decide on the action that will follow. Please wait patiently until he does so (we’ll give it about a week).


bro… all know u use aimbot and cheating in race all know
that dont try to save u and i have a screen when u insult someone in arabic

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If everyone knows aimbot is being used please provide video evidence before just going out and accusing. If you have something to add about brown bear you’re free to make your own report.

In any case,

I’ve chatted with Slowa who gave me his side of the story, and I think both parties lashed out at each other. As far as rudeness goes — you’re both at fault. If anyone suspected brownbear of hacking in this private PVP session you could, and should have kicked him out instead of letting him stay so you could curse him.

Bear, we recently had to update our server because we’re discovering through no noble assistance of your own that we had some bugs that could be abused in our server.

Typically, when people find bugs they should be reporting them to us, just like you were so quick to report these players! However, you were abusing both helicopter spawning, as well as downforce to your personal advantage. That is something that if prolonged — can get you banned from our server.

Both parties consider yourself under scrutiny. We will not tolerate a repeat of the vulgarity, nor of any further bug abuses.