250,000 players!


We just made a post to celebrate reaching 100,000 players, however thanks to you guys who really stepped it up and joined at a tremendous rate we are at this goal already. Thank you to all the new members that joined our community, and to those that stuck around with us all this time.

You all know the drill by now, here are some fun stats!

  • Your blood lust has almost quintupled since last time at a staggering amount of 238,924 people. Carole Baskin was satisfied with 1.

  • Even with Covid-19, you guys have been maintaining proper regulations because deaths have only tripled to 359,683. New Zealand here we come.

  • This stat honestly surprised me. You guys have only done 19,677 more reaction tests than last time resulting in 57,682 reaction tests. We can do a lot better than that! I’m looking at you Fred :eyes: .

  • You doubled your racing distance at an impressive 637,369,762 kilometers! (396,044 miles for the Imperials among us). We already made it to the moon, so why not think bigger? If we consider Mars at its closest point, we are 1.17% close. Isn’t that exciting?

  • Your total time spent racing — can you guess it? Also doubled! 5,285 hours. That’s 220 days of just racing. Maybe Hamilton swings by to practice.

  • Our most popular races among you 250k are the same besides a newcomer emerging in fifth place. These races are:

    Rank Race Times completed
    1st Zancudo Drag 23,810
    2nd Nurburgring GP 22,592
    3rd Deriphill Drift 15,933
    4th Grove Street 7,948
    5th Monaco GP 6,466
  • You’re starting to be a bit cheeky with your tomfoolery. 838 bans have been issued thus far.

  • We appreciate how much time you love spending with us! 73 years worth of combined player time. insert the jet joke

  • You guys are really trying to get Gus’ attention with 26,012 kg of meth (57,347 lbs). Viva Los Pollos Hermanos.

  • Since we opened in January, you completed 30,682 trucking deliveries, over a distance of 103,945 km / 64,589 miles – We’re 27% away of making our delivery to the moon, courtesy of United States Postal Services. We’ll get there in no time.

  • Inflation is probably on its way since the total amount earned is $1,292,205,814, while you’ve only been spending $502,104,257.

  • You’ve spawned 17,860,321 vehicles! Two vehicles have snatched the previous Bugatti Chiron and Nissan GT-R’s places! These vehicles are:

    Rank Vehicle Times spawned
    1st Toyota Supra 168,482
    2nd Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 '13 120,419
    3rd BMW 3 Series E30 Drift 114,130
    4th Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 107,230
    5th BMW S 1000 RR 104,582

Some additional statistics regarding player counts:

Statistic Count Date
Peak player count 621 players November 27th, 19:19 GMT
Highest average player count throughout a day 431 players November 28th
Most unique joins in a day 10,891 players November 28th
  • note that most unique joins in a day quadrupled since our 100k achievement

Once again, thank you everyone for your dedication and we hope you keep hanging out with us until our next ambitious goal of 1m players!