100,000 Players!


On January 11th we launched Impulse99 on FiveM after months of anticipation and work. We never expected to reach such a tremendous goal so fast and we really owe it all to you for being a wonderful part of our community.

Just like we used to do on SA-MP, we wanted to share some fun statistics and points of interest about our growth:

  • So far, you murderous bastards have killed 55,430 people. You animals.

  • In contrast, it appears many more of you prefer dying, 114,091 times in fact.

  • Your quick fingers have answered 38,005 reaction tests!

  • While racing, you’ve travelled 346,762 kilometers! (215,468 miles for you ‘Muricans). That is 90% of the distance it takes to get to the Moon! A small step for Kermit, a big step for Impulse99.

  • Your total time spent racing equals 2,981 hours. That’s a little over 4 months of non-stop racing!

  • Our most popular races among you 100k are:

    Rank Race Times completed
    1st Zancudo Drag 14,906
    2nd Nurburgring GP 13,118
    3rd Deriphill Drift 9,998
    4th Grove Street 4,453
    5th Observatory Loop Minor 4,385
  • You have been very good bois so far and only 331 bans have been issued.

  • Even though we started in January, you’ve racked up an impressive play time of 28 years combined. How time flies – probably with a jet.

  • You’ve cooked 11,723 kg of meth (25,844 lbs) – Heisenberg would be proud.

  • Over the past 7½ months, you’ve done 18,282 trucking deliveries, over a distance of 62,605 km / 38,901 miles – enough to go around the Earth 1½ times!

  • All of you are very financially responsible, achieving an accumulation of $596,268,470, while only spending $236,400,528.

  • You’ve spawned 6,285,926 vehicles! Most popular vehicles:

    Rank Vehicle Times spawned
    1st Toyota Supra 56,896
    2nd Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 '13 43,457
    3rd BMW 3 Series E30 Drift 40,400
    4th Bugatti Chiron '19 39,495
    5th Nissan GT-R 39,130

Some additional statistics regarding player counts:

Statistic Count Date
Peak player count 212 players August 3rd, 17:20 CEST
Highest average player count throughout a day 129 players August 3rd
Most unique joins in a day 2,668 players August 3rd

Let’s keep improving and growing towards our next big mark: 250K here we come!