1 Million Players!

A Million Players (and beyond)!

So, it took us a little while but we finally got to this incredibly exciting milestone of 1 million players! When we transitioned to FiveM from SA-MP, we weren’t really sure what was going to become of our community, and whether or not we’d be able to stick with everyone as the years go by. While some members were lost, new and wonderful faces have joined. We started building a community that is based in FiveM as its core, and it is all thanks to you that we were able to make it to this point.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time you spent in our server, and we hope you continue enjoying your time here. We always welcome new people in, and we’re excited to embark on this journey with you.

As always, here are some fun stats that you all accumulated:

  • You’re really blowing our minds with how much you amped up your kills. You were previously at 238k, but now you’re at an astonishing 3,884,513 kills. You guys know this is a freeroam server right?

  • COVID-19 is no longer at its heat but you guys are still managing to keep up the pace with 4,597,125 deaths… This global K/D ratio needs to be worked on.

  • Fred, this should’ve more than doubled since 250k, I was counting on you. We are at a quite stagnant 137,218 reaction tests completed. You can practice with some captchas:

    29 :omegalul:

  • We appear to be slowing down our pace of race distance traveled because it’s not quite close to being quadrupled. 2,094,717 km (or 1,301,600 mi) have been traveled thus far. While we’re way beyond the moon, we are only 3.84% on our way to Mars. Curiosity is waiting. Aren’t you curious?

  • You have spent about 22 months racing. Le Mans is 24 hours, this feels like a bit much.

  • Popular stays popular… All 5 races that were most visited when we had 250k players are STILL the ones holding the leaderboard. The only difference is that Grove Street and Monaco GP traded places. The races are as follows:

    Rank Race Times completed
    1st Zancudo Drag 67,218
    2nd Nurburgring GP 47,651
    3rd Deriphill Drift 40,324
    4th Grove Street 29,719
    5th Monaco GP 28,362
  • Time flies by when having fun right? Our combined player time stands at 421 years. Unfortunately, you’re too old to blaze it.

  • Cooking 115,162 kg of meth is no small feat (253,888 lbs). You’ve made almost 18 times over what Heisenberg got. You are the danger zone.

  • We don’t need Euro Truck Simulator when you guys are making hundreds of thousands of deliveries… with 128,883 shipments made, and 453,421 km (281,743 mi), you’ve driven around the earth 11 times already (assuming you found a nice, straight road).

  • We like money and you guys are generating it from nowhere! This is how Greece collapsed you guys. With $5,158,712,036 made and only $2,144,089,439 spent, some of you need to start thinking about charitable work. I’m right over here… just saying.

  • With our player base quadrupling since the last post, our bans have only tripled! (2,477) that’s a good sign! We’re very proud of all the good peeps around.

  • You’ve spawned 111,072,988 vehicles! Only one vehicle came to steal BMW S 1000 RR’s place from the last leaderboard! Memeworks BMX found itself waltzing right into second place. The ranking:

    Rank Vehicle Times spawned
    1st Toyota Supra 855,813
    2nd Memeworks BMX 736,244
    3rd Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 '13 680,844
    4th Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 619,768
    5th BMW 3 Series E30 Drift 558,222

Some additional statistics regarding player counts:

Statistic Count Date
Peak player count 986 players September 4th, at 17:41 GMT
Highest average player count throughout a day 686 players August 22nd
Most unique joins in a day 15,944 players August 22nd
Most vehicles spawned in a day 519,551 August 22nd
  • One does wonder how all of these correlated stats came from the same day…

Thank you so much for being a pivotal part of our community. We can’t wait to continue growing with all of you! See you all at 2M!


Proud to be part of this community :muscle:


:cowboy_hat_face: :handshake: onto the next milestone


Great post, great server.


:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Awesome ! :partying_face:


Very poggers. Congrats!


Always happy to see this server prospering!

Congratulations and wishing you even more success and prosperity in the future :heart:


LIT!!! I love this! :100:

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I think the server dropped this… :crown:

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1 Milion poggers liked for even for server in as players same counting much imagine for math over 1 milion i say Congrats current players.

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I bet for challenge for 10 Milion players current.

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This is beyond Amazing! After the shutdown of AwesomeStuntages server, i99 was there. Giving SA-MP another taste of fun! I am truly happy too see i99 going on even after all of these years and still going and even much stronger. Thank you, Madp, Doc and all the management team/people who contributed to this. Without your hard work, dedication, contribution, our beloved i99 wouldn’t be here. Congratulations on reaching 1 million players!


:partying_face: Woo-hoo! Its been a blast, real fun times all around since SA-MP Days till now. And ill pop in from time to time in the future. Thanks to Management team for keeping the server alive!! Exotic, Doc, Madp, and Zeyo!! Also all other team members.


:partying_face: Nice to be part of a great community!

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So happy to be here! :slight_smile: <3

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Genuinely amazed by this

2nd Memeworks BMX :rofl: :rofl:

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