Party features

Party suggestions : )
Just to add more useful features to parties, I think it’d be nice to have the following options:

  • Show party owner on party invite
    When one receives a party invite, the notifications only says the name of the party. It should also say who the party owner is, so that it would be easier to identify the party you wanna join. (maybe it should also specify the party owner in public parties menu and invites menu)

  • Votekick for party members
    This could be a feature that can be toggled by the party owner. Basically party members would be able to vote in order to kick another party member, maybe using notifications and sending them to everyone but the party member who is being votekicked.

  • Transfer ownership of the party
    It would also be nice if the party owner could transfer ownership to another member.

  • Misc suggestions
    Other people have also requested features such as being able to modify weather in your own party and even a separate party chat that can be toggled on and off.



that would be great, tho on the votekick i would send a notif like gta online where it says players are voting to kick you or something like that

The ability to modify time and turn snow on/off would also be great :slight_smile:

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