**Minor Suggestions**

  1. List DMs in a separate command instead of in //. (//dm or separate dms into another string in //)

  2. Allow players to toggle vehicle collisions. This could be a counter to people complaining about being rammed. Same setup as the spawn zones where you can’t ram others and doesn’t affect other players. (I noticed its not synced when players are racing… as in if a racer rams you… on there screen they have no collision but on yours… your rammed.)

  3. Add lock/unlock. (This was suggested already)

  4. Bring back eject for ejecting passengers from your vehicle.

  5. #derby2020

  6. /w for opening the weapon menu.

  7. Remove trains/rail vehicles/trailers from vmenu since they aren’t drivable. (Zeyo mentioned they can still be spawned manually but that requires the player to figure it out)

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