**Minor Suggestions**

  1. List DMs in a separate command instead of in //. (//dm or separate dms into another string in //)

  2. Allow players to toggle vehicle collisions. This could be a counter to people complaining about being rammed. Same setup as the spawn zones where you can’t ram others and doesn’t affect other players. (I noticed its not synced when players are racing… as in if a racer rams you… on there screen they have no collision but on yours… your rammed.)

  3. Add lock/unlock. (This was suggested already)

  4. Bring back eject for ejecting passengers from your vehicle.

  5. #derby2020

  6. /w for opening the weapon menu.

  7. Remove trains/rail vehicles/trailers from vmenu since they aren’t drivable. (Zeyo mentioned they can still be spawned manually but that requires the player to figure it out)


I don’t know how to use this properly so sorry if I’m replying to the wrong thing but could you add a fuel limit to cars so we can go to a gas station and fill up, so it’s more realistic you can also make an unlimited fuel mode in /ability menu because some people might not like the concept. Secondly could you add cop roles so we can pull people over and ask them to put there hands up also could you add commands like that “hands up” or if you want to hold some one hostage like put a gun to there head. I hope you consider my suggestions but apart from that the game is perfect keep up the good stuff XD

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First of all it’s not a RP server. The gas thing could be optional. Players can turn it off and on. The cop thing is a no no from me. You can get people to roleplay but don’t expect everyone to play along.

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As for suggestions:

This isn’t a rp server. I think gas is cool for the people that might like it but I believe it would a waste of dev time.

  1. now listed separately in //
  2. doesn’t seem to work very well
  3. no
  4. coming soon tm
  5. it’s live
  6. /weapons and /guns was added
  7. tbd