Derby system change


What if the way how derby worked was different, now you need a minimal of 2 players and after each round basically everyone leaves.
The way I was thinking is that there are no more rounds. It goes for an indefnite amount of time or if you have different maps later, till the map ends. And instead of having only the winner earn cash, every player will have a fixed cash value on it’s head and increase over time.
I don’t know if it’s possible to detect who pushes/kills who off, but it will be a neat way to improve the derby experience imo.

No players active in derby (map rotation timer still going as usual if you will have different maps in the future)

  • Player 1 joins, will have fixed value on it’s head (e.g. $500). Timer to increase his value will not start
  • Player 2 joins, will have fixed value on it’s head (e.g. $500). Timer starts for both so their value increases for the length they are alive.

–> Player 2 pushes player 1 of the map or kills, player 2 receives the value that was on player 1’s head. (this is where I don’t know if it’s possible to detect who pushed who off or who killed who. And I don’t know if you guys are up to create a system with a killer and assist like in shooter games)
–> Player 1 respawns again and restarts with base value on him.

this way someone that joins the derby can just wait around till someone joins and keep on playing instead of failing to start the derby since there weren’t two or more players in it.


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Interesting variation, but I already have some changes in progress for the next derby iteration, such as spectating and becoming a spectator on death and finally waiting for the next round as a spectator with a choice to stay as a spectator or go back as a player. Current derby needs some way to stop players from chasing around the map and I have some solution for that but idk gotta see how it performs.

That doesn’t mean derby can’t have multiple variations or that your suggestion can’t be made into a different game.

Dunno about maps, I would like to have a bunch of maps but I can’t make them and idk anyone else who can or wants to make them. Ideally players would vote for the next map once their round finishes / timer runs out.

Detecting who eliminated another player sounds interesting and I found something that maybe could help make it into a thing, no promises tho.

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Is there a map editor like SAMP map editor?

Will look into it