Day/night cicle based on our PC's clocks

So for the timezone I live in it might be 16:07, and then it will look like it’s 16:07 in game.
For someone in the UK it might be 17:07, and then it look like it’s 17:07 in game.

I know this might not seem like a big deal for many people. I just really enjoyed driving around at night in samp talking about stuff. I guess, it actually being night in game made the experience better and more “real”.

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Not sure if this is possible since we have onesync. But Exo and Zeyo are the experts

I’d rather have time same time synced across the server… like it is now.

reasoning being lol?

I could see it causing sync issues with peds and or vehicles for players. IE certain peds spawn at night, vehicles lights, and etc… I may be wrong… but that’s just one factor.